Nursing Agency Services

We understand that from time to time healthcare facilities are faced with a problem of staff shortages. The aim of this part of our business is to help Nursing Homes and Hospitals with their short term and long term staffing needs by providing temporary Nurses and Carers. When you decide to work with SAPCARE, you’re hiring a ready-made team of Registered Nurse and Healthcare Assistants who are happy to meet your staffing challenges head-on.

Our Staffing coordinators oversee operations and maintain direct lines of communication with your healthcare facility.  We will ensure that there is a competent nurse or healthcare assistant available to fill our client’s immediate needs, even on short notice.

By working in partnership, we sense that the quality of our service will be better than our competitors for we can gain more in depth knowledge of your operations and requirements, in turn helping us provide staff that is more relevant and together we can come up with proactive solutions for a better service.

We hold our staff accountable for their attendance and work performance. Excessive call-offs, tardiness, or poor work performance is never tolerated. This ensures that the nurse or carer we provide you will be clinically proficient, reliable and exceptionally professional.

Registered Nurse

We provide Nurses with a clear track record of work experience within the Healthcare Industry. We have a wide range of Nurses who are well trained in roles to include General Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Community Nursing and Mental Health Nursing, Midwifery, paediatrics Nursing and Theatre Nursing.

Healthcare Assistants

Our HCA’s are well trained to do their job. Anyone recruited with no previous care experienced will be sent for an Induction course, working alongside our experienced carers to gain knowledge and experience of the job role. We will never provide a HCA with no work experience like what some of our competitors do, simply because we care about the service we provide and would never do anything to put patient safety in danger.

We provide a 24 hour service to which clients can book a Registered Nurse or Healthcare Assistant at any time. Call our team today on 01892 506913 for more information or request a call back.